Timber tales: whitewood loves working with wood

From the inspiration behind our name to the calming, tactile feeling it creates, at whitewood we love working timber, here are some of our projects that show just how versatile it is.

Smart Energy

The workplace fit-out for Smart Energy brings in swathes of plywood, adding a friendly edginess to this young start-up. All of the ply sheets have been coated with a clear finish and special care was taken to maximise use of full sheets to minimise wastage.



Paired with a range of high-end finishes – terracotta, rich glazed tiles and concrete floors, the bleached plywood ceiling at Pipit is both aesthetic and functional, helping to quiet the white noise of this popular fine dining restaurant.


Feros Arcade

We used timber extensively at Feros Arcade, particularly in the central courtyard spaces. As an outdoor area exposed to weather, this timber will age gracefully over time, showing just how durable it is. We combined different finishes in the timbers to bring visual diversity while the verticality of the battening offers consistency. This project uses a mix of black painted board and battens, Blackbutt tongue & groove with a whitewashed finish to the shopfronts and tallowwood battens..


Sushi Kenzen

When used sparingly, timber can add a point of interest, as we did with Sushi Kenzen. The monochromatic greys and blacks are softened slightly by the use of timber behind the menu boards, adding warmth even with a cooler tonal palette. For this project we specified Good Woods - Victorian Ash from Sustainable Hardwoods.


Ballina Insurance Brokers

Making a complete statement, the reception desk at Ballina Insurance Brokers uses Blackbutt timber battening as a distinct feature, alongside a high-end Caeserstone finish in White Attica for the counter – the two coming together to create a strong, sophisticated entrance.


As these projects show, timber and wood in all its colours, finishes and species is an incredibly adaptable material and can bring something truly special into an interior.