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Ballina NSW

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Ballina Insurance | reception | whitewood agency | Interior Design

Making a grand statement from the get-go, Ballina Insurance Brokers impresses with a grand reception desk. Given that the entire customer experience is set in the reception area and a meeting room just behind it, it’s made all the more impactful through a secret door in the timber cladding. The sculptural reception desk is constructed from faceted marble coupled with panelled timber. Panelling is extended behind the counter and allows for the door to the meeting room to be hidden.
A key driver from the client in the design of the new space was to create a working environment where staff would feel valued. To facilitate this, whitewood incorporated lots of spaces where staff can easily connect and socialist, with particular attention given to the staff area.
The office brings inspiration from its locale with coastal vibes, while also not being afraid to reflect everyone’s personalities. Adorning the wall is a signed Mick Fanning surfboard, which also aligns with the corporate blue branding of Ballina Insurance Brokers.
Other branding elements have been integrated by bringing corporate colours throughout the space, which was worked into the overall colour scheme, including carpet tiles and paint colours.
The building shell created challenges to work within given the big sweeping curves but were also an opportunity to play off the drama through clever lighting. But due to the ceiling’s form it was important for noise control and acoustic considerations, for example by being controlled through the integration of internal doors on meeting room spaces. The same kind of thought was put into noise in the open plan workspace and controlling the sound.
For the staff at Ballina Insurance Brokers, their new office is a vibrant place to work that they can take ownership of.

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