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Byron Bay, NSW

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Dreamers & Drifters retail boutique retail fit interior design byron bay

Dreamers & Drifters is a clothing boutique in Byron Bay full of heart and soul. The owner, Verity Joy Wilson created the brand, drawing on her heritage, having grown up in Namaqualand, South Africa. It was here where she discovered a love for natural textiles and fashion. Dreamers & Drifters creates exceptional clothing featuring beautiful materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.

The whitewood team worked with Verity to distil the meaning and vision for her store, bringing it to reality through a rich material palette and thoughtful details. Dreamers & Drifters is defined by its femininity with an adventurous and an authentic core. Principles that all draw on Verity’s South African heritage.

The design of Dreamers & Drifters is all about expressing the identity of the brand, from the clothing through to the interiors. Soft, natural colours and materials have been interwoven with vintage materials. The floor is rendered in a rich dusty pink tone, layered with natural fibre rugs. Elements of hand made can be seen in the distinctive ceiling detail, which is a traditional ‘latte pole’ canopy from South Africa. Beneath the rustic ceiling are two large changing rooms with sweeping curves and generous cotton drapery.

Lighting is another key feature within the space, including cane baskets, which have been repurposed as light shades sitting underneath the vintage counter. In the change rooms are authentic Zimbabwean flat woven baskets, positioned on the wall as decorative and functional sconces. Meanwhile, an Italian vintage chandelier takes centre stage. Clothing rails have been fashioned from timber, hanging from rope. Every piece of furniture within the space has been sourced from vintage stores, adding desirable touches of worn in authenticity.

The new fit-out is a true realisation of everything Dreamers & Drifters is about. It’s a physical store that exemplifies the brand’s ethos, creating a welcoming space for the user.

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