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The approach for Evolution Financial Planning was to create a functional, inviting, and modern office environment that reflects the company’s dynamic and forward-thinking ethos.

Our design concept maximises the functionality while creating a soft, inviting atmosphere–with a vision as being as far from a stuffy office vibe as possible. With a seamless integration of various textures and materials, the output blends refined joinery with an industrial aesthetic.

The staff room is positioned at the back of the space, allowing the workspace to have access to as much natural light as possible. The back-of-house staff area also features a breakout bench seat and kitchenette, which provides a casual spot for the team to relax and perch during breaks.

To introduce lightness and replicate the feeling of a skylight, a recessed LED with a diffuser has been installed overhead, which is then mimicked by a circular dining table below.  The back meeting room is designed to connect seamlessly with the rest of the office. Perpendicular doors track into a pocket wall, allowing the space to open up to the breakout area, enabling the space to be used for hosting events. This flexibility ensures the office can adapt to various needs, whether for private meetings or social gatherings. 

One of the key design features is the corridor wall, adorned with a commercial-grade veneer from the Elton Group’s Alpine Ash collection. A custom shelf is integrated into the veneer, with a rough render finish on the ceiling, adding texture and a subtle industrial touch. A pocket door halfway down the hall offers the flexibility to close off or open up spaces as needed.

Other notable features include a podcasting space, which has been thoughtfully integrated into the planning, offering a functional yet discreet area for recording.

In the workspace, the space is softened with sheer curtains, and doors with reeded glass are used to maintain privacy while allowing light to pass through. Built-in desks from Laminex are used to create a cohesive and practical workspace, while a timber veneer bench with a frosted window further enhances the light and airy feel of the office.

Evolution Financial Planning is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, where the careful selection of materials and thoughtful design choices ensure the office meets the needs of its users while providing a welcoming and modern environment.

Entry Hallway
Office hallway
Office hallway
Working station
Private Office
Office hallway
Entry Hallway
Hallway detail
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