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Residential - Renovation
East Ballina, NSW

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Grandview House has been revived as a showcase of modern living, designed for a young family wanting a clutter-free home with refined elegance.


One of the most striking features of Grandview’s refurbishment is the complete reconfiguration of the plan. Structural posts that previously occupied the middle of the living space were deftly relocated, making way for an expansive, open-plan area.


Through the reorganisation of space, the main bedroom and ensuite have been moved to the western corner. In this new position, it’s able to capture the morning and western sun, infusing the space with liveability. Additionally, a sense of privacy can now be felt in the bedrooms with their zoning away from the shared functions of the home.


Aesthetically, Grandview embraces the harmonious fusion of indoor and outdoor living. A sense of arrival has been created with the addition of a new entry deck. The deck serves as a connector, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior spaces. Thoughtfully designed with semi-closed sections, it offers privacy while framing views of the surrounding bush, effectively extending the living area and creating a more usable space for gatherings and relaxation.


The existing hardwood floors, which were previously patchworked with faded and different colours, have been enhanced with a dark oak stain throughout – the unexpected tone grounding the home with a touch of timeless elegance.


The ceiling height has also been cleverly manipulated to achieve a soaring three-metre expanse in the living area, creating an atmosphere of openness and grandeur. Transitioning into the hallway and bedrooms, the ceiling drops back to a normal height, fostering a cosy ambience in these more intimate spaces.


The kitchen embodies the essence of simplicity and organisation, including a generous walk-in pantry to eliminate clutter. Custom cabinetry has been detailed with a custom groove to add a unique, textural element. The island bench is comprised of a single slab of polished engineered stone, detailed in a way to reduce waste and create a seating nook. The bathroom has a similar level of sophistication and refinement. Walnut veneer and beige concrete porcelain tiles, employed from floor to wall, gives a seamless finish.


Every aspect of Grandview has been thoughtfully considered, right down to the custom-made, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe doors, which also carry the groove detail from the kitchen. Colours selected throughout are minimal but deliberate, repeated in various spots, for instance, the front door is painted in a soothing bottle green hue, as well as the cupboards in the main bedroom. Elsewhere, muted colours and gunmetal finishes further enhance the tranquil atmosphere, allowing the natural surroundings to take centre stage.

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