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Lennox Head, NSW

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by Collaborators

Jones Accountants is a calming and refined workplace fit-out for a growing small business. Our client had steadily built her accounting firm and having outgrown her home office set-up, she was ready to make the leap into her own space for the first time. With a clear vision for a timeless look and feel, whitewood worked with Jones Accountants to create her dream office. 


The materiality of the space is light, bright and refreshing, defined by neutral colours and natural finishes. Polished concrete shifts to a sisal flooring in the workspace, bringing a sense of warmth underfoot and adding a layer of acoustic attenuation. Whitewashed Victorian Ash timber and white paint have been used throughout, while elegant touches of brass, and careful pops of colour enliven the space while keeping in line with the minimalist aesthetic. This includes the soft pink lounge in the reception area and the blue cabinetry in the kitchen. 


Functionally, the brief called for a reception desk, small waiting area, meeting space, work area and a well-appointed kitchen. We divided the floorplan to make the most efficient use of the tenancy while accommodating all the required elements and providing privacy to the workspace.


Upon entering the space, visitors are greeted by an organic and voluptuous reception desk, custom-designed for the space with a separate leg, which allows light and a glimpse of the workfloor beyond. The materiality of the desk brings in the same palette and techniques used in other parts of the project, including a vertically-troweled cement render, which complements the vertical timber battens on the opposite side – each bringing a tactility that adds an unexpected element. The same troweled render makes a textured backdrop to the waiting area, and base for the branding in the entryway. 


A petite meeting room for four sits adjacent to the reception desk, built-in with a reeded glass wall and edged with whitewashed Victorian Ash. The semi-translucent reeded glass helps in creating a sense of privacy when the space is in use, while maintaining the desired overall lightness to the whole space.


Through clever space planning and a timeless aesthetic, Jones Accountants is an elegant workplace fit-out.

Kitchenette | Jones Accountants | Lennox Head NSW
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Meeting room | Jones Accountants Lennox Head | Office | Interior Design | whitewood agency
Reception Counter | Jones Accountants Lennox Head | Office | Interior Design | whitewood agency
Cabinetry | Jones Accountants Lennox Head | Office | Interior Design | whitewood agency
Brass Door handles  | Jones Accountants Lennox Head | Office | Interior Design | whitewood agency
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Signage | Jones Accountants | Lennox Head NSW
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