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Hospitality - Casual Dining 
Ballina, NSW

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Lola’s is a neighbourhood-style restaurant in Ballina where the small, intimate space invites a cosy atmosphere, akin to being in someone’s house. 


The owners – who have Spanish and Italian heritage – sought to create a restaurant built around simplicity and friendliness, where the passion they have for making food shines through. 


The menu is built around modern Australian cuisine with a European twist, alongside a simple cocktail menu and wine list. The approachability of the menu needed to translate into the interiors. 


Working on a strict budget, whitewood worked with many of the existing features and elements, bringing the right ambience to life through a selection of design devices. Key to the project was going through rigorous spatial planning to make the limited space work functionally. 


This resulted in a range of different seating zones, each bringing unique ambience. The layering of the whole space allows for a combination of private seating options, as well as public window seats. A new series of seating along with cook line where the plating and prep happens brings patrons into the action of the kitchen.


As a new concept restaurant, it was important to connect to the street and community, which the new window seats encourage. 


Colours and materials were crucial in creating the right ambience. Teal blue has been used in a distressed manner of the existing bricks, while warm peach tones bring in the desired playfulness and friendly appeal. The existing concrete floors were retained, giving an authentic ‘lived in’ quality.


Pink ash timber adds an additional warm touch, while bistro-style pendant lights complement the overall classic qualities that make it feel like home. Decorative elements – mirrors, framed artwork and comfortable seats all combine in this new neighbourhood restaurant.

Lolas Dining _ Hospitality Interior Design _ Ballina
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