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Award winning local mortgage brokers, ZEP Finance, have built their reputation on professionalism, expertise and approachability.  Over the last 15 years they have grown into a large team helping families realise their dreams, now it was their turn.  They secured a tenancy in the heart of Lennox Heads and began working with our team to create their new home.


The material selections for the design grew from notions of ease, approachability and transparency.  Natural and tonally light finishes sit gently against the exposed concrete floor and ceiling of the building.  Within the entry the wall is lined in oak timber battens gently curving to guide you into the space, with a custom timber veneer bench to pause and rest. 


The office is divided into 5 spaces; an entry, meeting room, private office, staff amenities and an open plan workspace for the team.  The staff amenities divide the main areas and house a kitchenette and coffee bar with a printing and storage station behind.  We took a carefully detailed yet simplistic approach to this joinery by using light beige laminate with a mottled stone bench and splashback with brushed nickel fittings and fixtures.  The meeting room and private office are enclosed by oak framed doors with reeded glass to provide light and privacy. 


A main driver of the design was to create spaces that were acoustically separated to keep conversations private and control noise levels.  This was achieved through internal insulation and by installing perforated acoustic plasterboard to the ceilings of the work space, office and meeting rooms.  The perforated ceiling not only served a crucial function but also added visual texture within the spaces.


Through materials and careful detailing we’ve created a workplace that is refined, elegant, yet relaxed not to mention highly functional.

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