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At the core of our work is a deep belief in the fact that every decision you make every day – whether big or small – can have an impact. As an interior design company we realise that we can have a responsibility to influence by the way we design.


At whitewood our philosophy is to create consciously. We’re always exploring new materials and methods, taking time to consider how our choices impact our clients and their interiors, as well as for the end-user and the world around us.

WHAT IS whitewood?

Light, natural and imbued with a conscious, sustainable mindset, our name captures our underlying design philosophy.


‘whitewood’ is the term used to describe light-coloured, soft timbers. is a natural material that brings a sense of connection and calm when used in an interior, and can be ethically-sourced and sustainably grown.


More than being a product, ‘whitewood’ is an ethos for us.

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