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Hospitality - Gelato shop
Pottsville, NSW

Services Delivered
Concept Design
Design Development
Material and Finishes Selection
Lighting Specification
Furniture Selection

Design Management Services

by Collaborators

Piccolo Mondo is a vibrant new gelato store in Pottsville, NSW. Founded on the back of a retirement dream to become an artisan, the owner gave up a career as an IT specialist in Melbourne and went to Italy to learn how to make gelato. Using these freshly learnt skills focused on the most authentic and traditional ways of making gelato, she brought the dream to life in the form of a shop in a sub-tropical climate.


Inspired by the wave of gelato shops taking over Melbourne, the brief for the new fitout focused on creating a space where the gelato was front and centre, all within a bright, playful and welcoming space.


A big part of Piccolo Mondo’s approach focuses on sustainability initiatives, with zero waste and all packaging compostable. The partnership was a true alignment of ethics with that of whitewood.


Putting the gelato as the hero, the kitchen is visible through a glass viewing room, where customers can not only see the process of making the gelato but also see all the fresh ingredients that are kept onsite. 


The brand was done in conjunction to the interior design, creating a beautiful synergy in terms of visual references and colour palettes. A fresh green is paired with peach, both of which feel relevant to the area but also the product.


The interior is defined by a large gelato bench covered in square white matte tiles that are coupled with a bright green grout. The square grid and colours having been specifically chosen to align with the brand. Timber accents have been punched up with black detailing to add depth and structure. 


Other details subtly allude to the notion of ice cream, whether it’s the scooped circular pendant lights over the counter that appear as a scoop of ice cream, or the Linea Standard door handles that look like they’re melting.


Collaborating with Five Mile Radius, the custom concrete bench cantilevers off the wall, and incorporates waste material flecked with green and peach.


The outcome is a space that is playful, fresh and welcoming.

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